The Day After

Ok,  usually I do what needs to be done in a crisis, and then the day after it all comes tumbling in.  I wonder how the disciples processed the day after Christ’s crucifixion?

Grief without hope

Fear without security

Holiday without celebration

Shame without Forgiveness

Injustice without recourse

Failure without hope

Loneliness without the Comforter

Questions without Answers

As awful as watching the crucifixion must have been, the day after reality would begin to sink in in waves.  When I am despairing, how often do I miss God’s blessing around the corner?

Craig and I were hiking earlier this week on a new trail on Keats’ Island that said it was going to “Highest Peak” without viewpoints in three directions.  Well we got there and there was nothing to see.  It seemed the trees must have overgrown the view.  The map showed the trail would circle back, so did not go back the way we came.  Not ten minutes later, we came upon the actual lookout that was stunning.  We could have missed the beauty and the joy by giving up just before the goal was reached.  I am glad that we didn’t that day and were blessed to see this:


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