Life preparation

This week we are letting each of Mica’s older siblings stay home from school on a different day so that they each have one-on-one time to connect with her.  This morning Mikayla traced letters and then we were making coffee filter butterflies.  Since Mica is not too interested in paper and colour tasks, we are looking for fun things to entice.  Mica mostly enjoyed the water component and cleaning.  Each of the markers was thoroughly wiped down with a coffee filter, and then she would hang the coffee filter on the edge of her cup.

When the art stopped, Mikayla started reading:

This precious story tells of a boy who did not have time to go school because he needed to help his family grow enough food.

I was really moved to realize that Mica was doing the work the nannies did at the orphanage of laundry by hand and cleaning diligently – tasks that could have occupied the rest of her childhood and life.  This story offers a rich telling of her heritage and the choices families make.  (I do hope her penchant and training for cleanliness will continue.)


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