Circles of Hope

A charming story of a father blessing his son with a tree and then the boy working hard to bless his sister.  Each tree becomes protected by a circle of rocks that are actually offering circles of hope.

One of my mother’s friends told the following story of her mother planting a tree in Haiti.  When she planted the tree twenty plus years ago, neighbours laughed and found it peculiar.  Well, after the earthquake in 2010, that tree provided shade to her 23 year old grandson and 7 other children he was responsible for until they could find a tent.  Life giving after she is gone.  Her tree became a circle of hope.

Today we went to the family doctor with a long list of health concerns or questions.  We are being referred to a pediatrician for most of the issues, and the doctor felt disengaged from my child’s reality.  A friend who is a community health nurse, who has worked in Haiti, and who’s husband is Haitian came by with Haitian food for my girl.  She became part of Mica’s circle of hope with practical, immediate ways to help Mica.  The entire day left us both tired, and we napped in the living room.  Napping isn’t a daily part of the day; usually quiet time suffices.  Today knocked us both out!

After the rest, I have been thankful to realize how many circles of hope Mica has been surrounded by – her birth extended family, Rivers of Hope orphanage staff and Mountain Top Ministries long term care, my coworkers generosity and support, neighbours meals, church’s prayers, gifts, support, and her extended family’s involvement.  We are blessed to have so many rocks surrounding her fledgling growth.

Thank you for being a part of Mica’s circles of hope.


2 thoughts on “Circles of Hope

  1. So beautiful… I hope to get my hands on that lovely story. I’m sorry your Doctor wasn’t helpful… praying you visit with the Pediatrician is much better. We have an adoption clinic here… I’m surprised there isn’t one there!


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