First Kiss, first thank you . . .

So cocooning has become medical visits grand central – doctor’s visit, 3 lab visits, and today a community health nurse will give our girl some vaccinations.  I had envisioned cuddles, art, story time, play, parks which is all happening to various degrees but had not envisioned all the medical visits.

While lots of affection, hugs, cheek to cheek has happened from day one.  The first kiss from her came on the cheek just after Mica and I sorted out what needed to happen in a mid stream urine sample.  NO small feat with my limited French and non-existent Creole.  I guess she understands all the medical visits as care . . .

Evidence of excellent training have pleased us in so many areas of Mica’s life.  Please and thank you seem to not have been a part of that training, so we’ve modeled it in our conversations.  As I hand her a toy I might say thank you and you’re welcome both.  Well, after such a short time she’s brilliantly following the modeling with “thankyouyou’rewelcome” as one word.  Guess we’ll keep working on this.

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