Thank you BC MED!

Love, Love the community health nurse that we spoke to today.  She was patient, interested, and highly communicative.  She wanted to know about Mica, so she could offer what is fitting and best.  She helped me prioritize the many directions we are going.  Many of the questions the doctor chose not to answer or advise on the nurse told us where the resources are to help our girl.

We are actually caught in one of those peculiar bureaucratic loops that I hope to find our way out of at the beginning of next week – third call’s the charm!  Adopted children cannot be added to the parents’ plan until they enter the country.  Once granted permanent residency, coverage is immediate.  The social worker and community health nurse both say that to call in and get her number for the many things that need to be done.  MSP says wait patiently for the process to unfold, and we will be reimbursed.

All this to say that I have learned the costs of procedures, visits, and lab work that I have not known.  Wow!  I am so thankful to live in a place that covers medical services for all people!


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