This week we have seen the first

independently putting toilet paper in the toilet

independently flushing of the toilet

try to run into the street

walk the block without being carried, except for the street  (hugest feat because of her fear of dogs.)

tire swing

walk to the park – Well carry to the park after we met a dog

of a few words including siblings names. . .

You get the idea, but two firsts stand out as the most hilarious.

Mica will need some dental work, but we have played at flossing without much headway.  The community health nurse suggested flossing the older siblings in front of Mica and see if she will follow suit.  She did, but in the process we were all cackling laughing.  Each older kid would lie down and say, “AHHHHHH…”  Mica would lean right into their faces and peer down their throat trying to see what was happening.

The laughing until we were crying best FIRST was the first straw.  I have not considered the fact that straws are a learned skill.  Mikayla came to help me with drop off for Caleb’s group piano lesson; she saw him to and from the teacher’s place.  My thank you was a frappucino, and because I didn’t want Mica feeling left out, I ordered her a milk.  Well her ordered was enhanced to chocolate milk with chocolate whip cream; I’m sure to delight.  She practiced with the straw, but the end result was a steady stream of chocolate down her  pale pink coat.  Mikayla kept having to get more napkins.  We all laughed, especially Mica, and enjoyed the moment, and I learned that we’ll practice drinking water in straws on the deck.

2 thoughts on “Firsts

  1. It’s funny what we take for granted that we know how to do. I don’t remember teaching Keegan how to use a straw. But it may have been something like that. Although, i wonder, if a child uses a “sippy cup” when they are really little, if they already have the sucking concept that continues from breast/bottle? Never really thought about it. Sounds like you are having a lot of fun, other than the dr. visits and all the shots that Craig told me about yesterday. I’m just so happy for you ALL to have Mica home finally. Everyday must seem like a celebration. Keep having fun. Can’t wait to meet Mica.


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