Signs of really being AT home

Gardening has become our first activity after the siblings go to school. Weeding and moving compost are not too compelling, so mica plays around me.  Yesterday she finally explored a trike that has been in the garden since her homecoming.  She looKed my way to ascertain if it was ok to play with it.  I do not want to hurry her into any new activity, so we let her take the lead when she is ready.  What delight to see her explore and feel free to enjoy what has always been hers.

Then yesterday afternoon we played with the boys old train set.  It too has been out since her homecoming.  Caleb even set up a simple track for her and played with it.  Mica decided it was time to build her own track, to explore her own train and people.

While I sat with her, I was struck with how this is what God sees on a daily basis.  He has made so much of his love, blessings, and provision available to you.  Will I accept and enjoy it?

3 thoughts on “Signs of really being AT home

  1. So true. I loved the line, “what has always been hers.” Totally made my mind think of the freedom we have in Christ. Beautiful!


  2. I am enjoying your posts about Mica. What a wonderful time together. Keep posting, it’s almost like I’m there as I picture your house and yard while I was there!!


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