I sit at the end of a great mother’s day weekend. Much better than last year’s Mother’s Day when I was leaving one child traveling to three others and stuck in immigration’s “special room” for problem passports and people being told there was no place to send me. But I digress.

This weekend was great because I have a mother I adore and have been very blessed by.  She was my biological life-giver, and she has been life-giving/affirming to me throughout my life.  My family of origin is as quirky as any, but my parents are the best parents I have ever known – not perfect but really good at loving, supporting, guiding, correcting, parenting.  I’m past the idealism of the twenties, but I still see my Mama and Daddy as amazing parents.

I am also the blessed parent of four fun, kind, unique children in whom we are trying to steward the image of God.  Let them flourish as they were created to be.  I pray to be life-giving to these four.

I have also passed Mother’s Day after devastating miscarriages, during adoption up in the airness, and I know this can be a painful day when you walk with more questions and despair than hope.

During that season I encountered the meaning of Eve’s name, life-giver.  ( Eve, as in Adam and Eve, mother of us all, first woman)  While valuing my primary relationships, I hope and pray to be life-giving in all of my relationships.  Much about parenting and its results are not all up to me, but being life-giving to others is in my control.

I have been given life, abundant life, and I want to share.



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