Wow – cocooning really matters!

So I’ve never believed something just because I was told, but I’ve learned to at least assess the benefits of counsel, even if I’m dubious.  Last May we met friends in Haiti who are adopting from the same orphanage, and they introduced us to Dr. Karyn Purvis‘ book The Connected Child.  Craig and I both read the book, and we decided the potential benefits of the recommended 6 week – 3 month cocooning phase made sense.

We are attempting to cocoon with Mica being at home or in the family circle.  She has blossomed in relating to her siblings feeling comfortable playing with them, reading alongside them, dancing with them.  They each love her and shower her with attention and affirmation.

Any time we venture forth from the house even to walk a block, Mica needs long amounts of cuddling after.  Last Wednesday some of her lab work had us called back in to the doctor’s office which is close to the beach.  Mikayla accompanied us because she had a Pro-D day at home.  We thought it would be fun to introduce Mica to the Pacific Ocean.  Well the beach was virtually empty, and I thought this is perfect.

Mica didn’t, so after two minutes, we left.  I had also forgotten my cell-phone that day and wanted to let Craig know about the doctor’s appointment.  We drove by the university and quickly filled him in.  That turned out to be wise because I needed to return to the doctor’s office.

Guess what?!  Cocooning really matters.  This big output day meant my girl needed a day and a half of rocking, reading and being held.  She was ok, but she needed replenishing.  So thankful for the wise counsel we received!


One thought on “Wow – cocooning really matters!

  1. Oh Ellen, I am so glad that God provided the counsel you needed in that book, and that you were willing to listen! Your precious Mica will only reap the benefits. It’s also a great confirmation to me that this is exactly what we will need to do as well. Mica is so blessed to have you be willing to spend that day and a half rocking and cuddling her to help her recover.


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