Secret Services real work

The big yellow slide was tackled with great delight with one brother going down first, the other brother has your back, and Daddy waits at the bottom.  Mica was the most gleeful slider with her protection detail.

Swinging becomes fun after watching siblings and then joining them.

Walks are joyful with your posse in tow.

Even a piano recital can be ventured with those you trust in tow.

Years ago I read a book suggesting walking through dangerous spaces confidently offered a certain level of protection.  Mica moves more confidently and enjoys a lot of fun when she has her entire family with her.  Her protection detail helps her engage joyfully in life.

I wonder if that isn’t part of security guards, secret service, etc.  the perception of protection gives off more confidence and offers protection as well as the weapons.  Tim Ladwig illustrates beautiful children’s books.  Psalm Twenty-Three follows a child walking through a dangerous neighbourhood with the confidence of a child knowing his Shepherd is with him.

Joyfully walking through the day knowing the Lord is with me and many precious friends and family have our backs.


One thought on “Secret Services real work

  1. So great to hear her confidence is growing! I think that is one HUGE blessing to having other children at home when your new one arrives… they can see that your children walk through life with confidence, and so can she. I love “her security detail” on the slide 🙂 I can’t wait for these experiences!


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