We all need a friend

Mica had her first play date.  Caleb was in a play at school, so we went to watch it.  Mica and Charlie met.   Since we are still in a “take care” stage, Charlie’s parents kindly brought Charlie with books and toys in tow to our house for a short play date.  

Cautious observing would describe much of the time.  Then both girls made a run for the washroom and ended up in Mica’s room.  Deb and Gary had actually made the “it’s about time to go” preparatory statement.  But from the room we hear both girls talking; up until this point Mica hadn’t said a word.  Then singing.  Toys that had been waiting in cubby holes were finally out and being played with.  What a precious moment to have the girls connect when given a bit of space.

Now Mica has “owned” new spots in her room.  One of the toys given to her has a teacher with a magnetic board.  Yesterday she drew the first circles she has drawn on this magnetic board.  The community health nurse had given us the goal of drawing circles.  We “play” at art, but we do not want this precious time of connecting to be marred by school readiness demands.  The gift gave space for Mica to draw an apple for a.

A hug goodbye.  As Charlie walked outside, Mica said, “Bye-Bye, C’mon.”  Then she asked to walk and walk she did through the neighbourhood so confidently.  During her bedtime prayer included, “Thank you God, friend.”  What a precious gift to have a friend.

One thought on “We all need a friend

  1. So lovely! I’m glad to see that this connection has raised her confidence. I can imagine that being surrounded by young children all the time at the orphanage is something she misses sometimes.


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