First Fight – real family life

You know you live in the city when the first disagreement between the two youngest children is not over precious Lego creations, not over parents attention, not over what movie to watch but over wildflowers.

Yes, wildflowers

Caleb picked a beautiful bouquet of wildflowers from a forest cleared, pre-construction field at UBC.  Mikayla gave Mica a few wildflowers – grass with the head on it actually.  Well, as the kids got in the car, the flowers got mixed.  Wailing ensued by all parties.  Thankfully no violence.  Caleb gave in, but he let me know at bedtime that he was really sad about his flowers (grass with the head, purple clover, and buttercups I believe.)  Can we please go back soon?

So thankful that seven weeks in everyone is comfortable enough that a “real” family life moment could unfold.  A good friend once told me that she has no important relationship without conflict and several that have not gone deeper because she would not invest in the conflict.


One thought on “First Fight – real family life

  1. Wow, my kids must really be investing in relationship lately! lol That’s a great perspective. For some reason, I often see my children’s conflict as the opposite of relationship, maybe because their conflict can be so “uncivilized”. I really appreciate this post, and I’m glad to hear that your children are feeling more and more comfortable as a family unit.


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