Circles Celebration

Five and a half weeks ago the community health nurse asked for me to draw circles and have Mica copy them.  Since pencil grasp wasn’t even down, this seemed a bit much to ask at the time.  I heeded the counsel, and Mica worked hard at placing her hand on top of my while we drew circles.  (Once!)

Then two weeks ago a friend gave Mica a wee magnet board.  She asked me to draw apples.  After erasing my apples, she drew her own apples – circles almost! Today Mica asked for the easel to be set up, and she drew this wonderful circle with her markers. Such a small thing, and yet it’s huge.  Two of the letters in her first name need a “circle” motion.  When the nurse asked, I had no time frame for when it would be possible; I just knew that we were scribbling at the present time. After just being with her for several weeks, we began to assess needs.  The whole prewriting skills were an area of development that came  to attention.  Craig and Caleb went to Kids Books and used some gift money to get Mica a magnetic ball letter writing practice, animal puzzle, and numbers puzzle.  The numbers required placing together three pieces, and at the time that was too hard.  Craig, kids, Yew Meng, and I have all “played” with this puzzle.  This morning, Mica wanted to play with the puzzle collection, and she announced, “Pour Mica!”  (Translation – don’t touch this; I’ve got it!)  And she did.  Even her number concepts have expanded.  During this season we are not trying to emphasize schooling prep; she’s just hungry to learn.

She has grown tall enough for some pants, jeans no longer fall straight off.  Since my coworkers patiently waited while she mustered courage to shake hands, she has been giving her hand to others.  In the last week and a half Mica has navigated a couple of crowded events. Last night we sang, “I have a good friend ——- is her/his name. Hearing her weave together friends old and new was a thing of beauty.

Last night Mica’s brain was on what we have called in the other children a “learning frenzy.”  She has memorized the refrain of Polar Bear, Polar Bear What Do You Hear? , so she read it to me while asking me to read the Bible story book and Mother Goose’s rhymes we usually read.  She explained to me something funny Nathaniel had done, and she hummed the melody of the Mozart she had been listening to.  She had trouble going to sleep even though she had been running half the day.

There is great joy in seeing her thrive!

This evening Mica helped feed the plants in the garden.  The pictures of her helping the plants to thrive and of her own thriving brought great joy.

“And the Father will dance over you in joy; He will take delight in who He loves .  Is that a choir I hear, singing the praises of God?  No the Lord God Himself is exulting over you in joy.  God rejoices over you!  God rejoices over you in song!”   – song based on Zephaniah 3:14, 17


2 thoughts on “Circles Celebration

  1. That was a truly beautiful story, Ellen. I can’t wait to meet her. I hope you all will be around in July, at least part of the time.


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