Art, nature, play, moving, books, music all rejuvenate me, so Mica’s introduction into our family has had large doses of all of these.

As of yet, art projects in small doses seem to delight – painting, colouring, stickers, stamping.  She made a fish collage with Craig that she has great pride in, and has confirmed the word fish in her mind.

Vocabulary acquisition follows such a funny route.  She loved cutting and counting fish with Craig, and she and I sing a song, “Little fish, little fish swimming in the water . . . ” that my sister-in-law taught the older children when they were little.  She has been pointing out fish in every book from Dr. Seuss to Jonah, and with the strong visual connection had understood poisson and fish to be the same.  Yesterday the words to the song clicked and after we finished, Mica declared, “Mama, l’eau water.  Hahahaha.” – quite proud of her translation work.  Every grate requires singing “Little Fish” and a pounding Haitian version of Irish dancing.

Creation points to the glory of God, and it refreshes my soul.  Mica enjoys birds, “qua qua,” flowers, water, tree bark.  Caleb has taught her to rub the bark and to climb up on the roots of big, old, gnarly trees.  When she plays outside, she is joyful!

Dancing:  This is Mica’s delight.  When our oldest children were wee, we used to have family dances, but until recently that has passed.  Mica wants anyone and everyone who can and will to dance with her.  Different types of music, any time of day.  Compas music has her grooving like an adult. One rainy day found us doing the bird down the living room/dining room.  Group circle dances happen anytime anywhere. Worship, pop, compas, even classical music inspires movement.


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