Soul Satisfaction

Last weekend Mica attended her first Canadian birthday party.  She had so much fun!  She delighted in the play.  At one point another preschool sat on her, and she laughed.  I remembered that she was use to a bit of rough and tumble with peers while living in Rivers of Hope.

Older siblings are playful, tickle, but they are also very gentle.  She needed peer play.

At the party each child was given a soccer ball.  Now soccer is an obsession in Haiti, but I didn’t know that Mica had been exposed more than playing with her brothers in the garden.  She loved her ball.  The next morning she woke up and didn’t say, “Good Morning, Eat, or I love you so much.”  The usual greetings were replaced by “Ballon,” and that’s all she said until we went down to find it.

And then the party was followed up with yummy Haitian food (Diri ak pwa and chicken.)  She ate and ate.  A quiet young man sat to himself, and Mica walked over and touched his hand.  This has not been her normal behaviour, so I was intrigued.  Then I realized that he was holding a laptop playing Haitian Compas music.  She sat beside him enjoying familiar music.  He was very kind to her “repairing” a toy limousine with various tools, holding puzzle pieces, games pieces, whatever she could find to engage him.   He spoke to her in Creole; she didn’t say much.  Others spoke to her in Creole, and she just looked.  But that evening and the next morning Mica prattled in what I am pretty sure is Creole more than she has in the last few weeks. 

As best as I can tell, Mica understands she is loved by our family, delights in the attention showered on her, progresses in a myriad of connecting ways to each family member.  But the party was a reminder of the beauty of feeling “at home.”. Mica eats well, dances to a wide range of music, laughs readily, hugs heartily, appreciates creation, but things are still new.

When we first immigrated to Vancouver, I immediately loved the city, the food,  the people, but I didn’t feel at home.  I did a word study on home in the Bible, and John 14:23 heartened me, Jesus answered him, (A)If anyone loves me, he will keep my word, and my Father will love him, and (B)we will come to him and (C)make our home with him.”  I long to cultivate a familiarity with Christ that results in His presence being the place where I taste, hear, and feel the most at home.

I pray Mica will feel at home with us, in Haiti when she visits, and with her Heavenly Father.

 “Find Rest My Soul in God Alone”


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