A few weeks ago Mica saw a police officer and reacted in fear.  Note to self – address this someday.  Not in the top ten list of what to do on any given day, so I had not put any feet to this goal.

This weekend we were having family fun night at the beach.  Caleb was the only submerging O’Brien, but Mica enjoyed wading while we watched him swim to the dock and back.  I realized her attention was drawn behind me, and there were two police officers on dune buggies talking to the lifeguard.

Her curiosity led us to stand by them.  The officers flashed lights on the dune buggy, let the  children enjoy pretending, chatted us all up and gave the kids stickers.  Mica was quite proud of her sticker.  She kept pointing to it and asking us to repeat, “police.”  In the car Mica had a “valise” she had packed; her Haitian flag was included in her collection.  She thought the centre emblem and the police emblem were the same thing.  Even the next morning, first thing she pointed to her sticker and wanted to be reminded of the word, “police.”  These three officers acted as community servants, and Mica’s fear departed!


My take aways:

Enjoying what you can be sensed by strangers.

Service diminishes fear.

“Yes faces” create space for better understanding.



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