Toy or is that a hanger?

Toys – dolls, books, puzzles, train set, stuffies, cars, Little People, Playmobile, Noah’s Ark and animals.  Between leftovers of other siblings, new arrival gifts, and shared toys from friends Mica has plenty of toys.

But a bent coat hanger became the toy of choice for several days.  As I was pondering safety and confiscation, I listened, and the hanger had become her friend Giselle who is still in Haiti.  Giselle bonked her head, and everyone had to kiss it – many times.  “Giselle’s” hand, the arm of the hanger, had to be shaken as we said the practiced, “Nice to meet you!”

Nathaniel noted, “She’s done this before.  In the orphanage?”  Really I doubt that she played with hangers; the kids at Rivers of Hope didn’t have closets.  Mica was one of the older kids, so hanger play would have been even more dangerous.  But she did learn to use what you’ve got when you play.  Creativity abounds!

She has dolls; three with dark skin, but she knows they are not Giselle.  Guessing- the hanger was abstract enough to be who she wanted it to be.

Giselle the hanger went to the garden with Mica and Nathaniel.  While I was making supper, Giselle bonked her head again.  She was placed on the table, covered with a dish cloth.  Mica scooted up the rocking chair and after making lots of soothing sounds, a wee song, she began to read a story to her.

Siblings affirmed, “You’ll be a great parent someday.”  Creative play, finding a way to connect with a missed friend, love it!

One thought on “Toy or is that a hanger?

  1. Oh, that’s so sweet… I saw her nurturing with Giselle while we were at the O. I’m so happy to hear that her love for Giselle is still there. I can’t wait for them to Skype together!! Hopefully very soon 🙂


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