Au Revoir Ayiti

Last week I had the kids at a running water park that happened to be in the Vancouver flight pattern.  An airplane went over, and Mica repeatedly said, “Mica, Canada, airplane!” I’m guessing this is one of the ways nannies prepared her.

On Canada Day she was excited to see the flags, and when I told her Canada, she was excited to repeat, “Mica Canada!”  Silly me, didn’t think to use the word earlier.

So this weekend Mica was in the tub while I tidied the washroom, ran something to the bedroom and generally was physically present but attending more to my own thoughts.  All of a sudden her prattling’s content broke through my awareness.  Tigger was telling one of the bath cups, “Au revoir Ayiti!  Bye bye Ayiti!”  Then I realized all of her bath toys were having this same conversation.  Mind you I was powerfully moved, but she was  joyfully chatting.  Did the nannies prep this?  Has 2 1/2 months of family life made her new reality settle in?

Typically 6 months and 2 1/2 years are the researched times of stress for people who move cross-culturally.  Will this be true for her?

I look forward to the day that she can say hello Ayiti nice to see you again!


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