Well, as we have slightly picked up the pace and as Mica has acclimated and so is sleeping less, there is less time to write.  Firsts still happen, but much of life flows.  I noted when she went from phrases to sentences, but now she just talks.  I noted when she asked for seconds; now she helps herself.  I noted when she shook hands with a new friend, now she greets most people.  (Sometimes still working on comfortability with new men.)

Random snippets of delight:

Mica loves swimming, and the rest of us love hearing her shout, “AlleLUia” as she dunks herself.  Somewhere she’s seen amazing baptisms!  Actually she uses “alleluia” as something of an expletive, excitement, “wow,” and now we all are starting to do it.

Starbucks fumes must be enough to caffeinate a child.  We went with coupons, and while Craig and I shared a coffee; Mica had milk, and then danced with abandon, coaxing Caleb to join her on the floor.

Each siblings precious relationship with Mica has its own sweetness.  Mikayla is able to sit still and be quiet with her.   Nathaniel plays outside games.  

Caleb teaches her how to enjoy the playground or the bouncy castle.

The other night I was putting her down for the night, and she wanted to tell the siblings a more formal good night.  Nathaniel came up playing Matt Meiesque guitar while Mikayla and Caleb called and responsed an improv good night tune.  Of course Mica had to weep when the fun was done – normal family life.

Every now and again we have oh yeah, let’s remember the transition moments, but much of the time we are just living normal family life – just a bit slower.  A couple of weekends ago we visited the Caribbean Festival.  Mica and Caleb did the bouncy castle, and then we left.  The crowds were just a bit overwhelming, but Daddy’s shoulders felt safe.


What a joyful season!


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