I Want It, More Music!

The computer lies close to the kitchen, in the eye line of the sink.  I listen to lectures, music, whatever as I prep and clean for the always hungry crew.  At times I choose a song that changes the mood temperature of the family.

Early this morning I played my Thanksgiving song, “Tis a Gift to be Simple,”  the  Yo-Yo Ma/Alison Krauss rendition.  I enjoyed the music, and Mica apparently watched it;”I want to see the song” being her request.  When the song was over she declared, “I want it, more music!”

What a great turning of words, so I’m stealing it:

I want it, more joy.

I want it, more patience.

I want it, more love.

I want it, more thankfulness.

I want it, more peace.

I want it, more Jesus.

I want it, more perspective.

I want it, more kindness.

I want it, more gentleness.

I want it, more humility.

I want it, more goodness.

I want it, more self-control.

I want it, more Holy Spirit.

I want it, more laughter.

I want it, more  . . .


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