Ownership, Responsibility, and Sharing

So our family has tried to model sharing, but initially sharing was not overly demanded from Mica because she did not know that she owned anything.  It seems a need to comprehend ownership precludes taking responsibility for belongings and for genuine sharing.

Mica enjoys serving food even sharing her food with others.  Even other parents visiting Mica’s previous home noted that she would share her food with younger children.  The “helper” role is comfortable, but giving what you value, possess exercises different character muscles.

Mid summer Mica would pick up an object or point to a book or toy and ask, “Pour Mica?”  I would answer yes that’s Mica’s or that is the family’s.  She would come back again and again asking “Pour Mica?” Affirming her ownership of a toy, or attempting to exert ownership of a “family” belonging.  Randomly, the huge The History of Art seemed important to her to own.  Then she evolved into saying, “Pour family” when she knew it was for everybody.

Mica’s understanding expanding knowledge she owns something gave the freedom to create opportunities for sharing of the loaning and giving type.  Aside from normal sibling wrangling Mica has learned good things shared return.  Watching her character continue to shape – a lovely, motivational experience.

My prayer is that deep in her core being she can live out of abundance rather than scarcity.  Not an abundance of possessions, but an understanding that good things are God’s generous provision for her.  (James 1:17)  Living out the idea that “it’s more blessed to give than to receive.” (Acts 20:35)  As God shepherds her, she will not be in want.  (Psalm 23)  Admittedly, over the last five months her possessions have literally gone from one drawer full to 5 drawers.  People are generous.  But her joy has been pretty constant.  Ok, she has bursts of extreme excitement when she receives new clothes or toys.

Hopefully, the entire family can learn to walk contentedly with plenty and with little.  Philippians 4:11-12

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