When your five-year old self-dresses in tights and a shirt, how do you explain to her that she needs to wear more clothes when she lives in a city of people wearing leggings?  What is the difference between wearing tights and leggings?

Why do I grieve the death of her biological uncle who I have never met, and she probably does not remember?  How/when do I tell of his passing?

When someone asks where is she from, am I being snarky or honest to say the name of our city?

What hoarder instinct does the library bring out?  We always leave with more books than we can easily walk home.



One thought on “Questions

  1. An attempt at question 1, quoted from near memory:
    “Tights are special underwear for wearing with dresses, they are not pants (or leggings)”.
    I haven’t had too much trouble with leggings until the last year or so, because the girls like wearing skirts with pants (even jeans), and they are accustomed to wearing shorts, like bloomers, under dresses, because I didn’t want them to feel constrained (or me to be fussing) at the playground.
    In the last year or so the oldest has grown past the stage where leggings work as pants (for me anyway), but she’s also old enough to understand what I mean by modest, so usually “we choose to be modest, please put a skirt over your leggings” works if the shirt is too short. That’s not to say there haven’t been a few mishaps, including one with a tunic top (that she mistook for a dress) and a pair of hand-me down shorts that I thought were too short and tight to be worn as shorts, but I kept because they were good “bloomers” over tights. Her dad was fairly appalled, but running late and not sufficiently confident about current fashion trends to call foul. Apparently she was picked as a volunteer at a school assembly that day. No one (including her teacher) commented on her attire, however, so perhaps the ensemble didn’t seem inappropriate to anyone but us. Sigh.


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