Is she your mom?

Celebration singing when getting ready to go home:


We traveled few weeks ago.  While Craig sorted out with the airline how they would get us home – a purposefully overbooked flight, Mica and I went foraging for supper.  I had noticed a young woman tracking us, but I was still surprised when she reappeared at my side ten minutes later.  Looked at Mica, and asked, “Is she your mom?”  Mica froze; snuggled up, and nodded no.  She also nodded no to “How old are you?”

Well, bonding has happened sufficiently that my Mama soul wasn’t wounded or even worried, except we were at the airport.  What if this is a person checking on children?  We had all adoption paperwork with us, but it was all with Craig.  Flash of fear.

Thankful fear did not reign in the conversation.  Turns out the young women is adopted herself, and she has a brother who was born in Haiti.  She shared a fair amount of personal information, and I was left hoping that my girl will mature into a confident, articulate young woman like this one.  We got our food and threw piggy around a bit more.  And I was glad I wasn’t being tracked by airport security!



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