As English Emerges . . .

This week I was told that research suggests that English Language Learners may become conversationally competent after 2 years, but it can take 7-10 years for “cognitive academic language” to be supported by actual concepts.  In other words a person may converse at a level well past their comprehension levels.

I have been contemplating the beauty of a well placed preposition and the humour in its absence.

Today we went to the van  to find it covered in bird poop from the cowbirds in our oak tree.  One child screamed, “Oh no, a bird pooped on me!”  Mica said, “Caleb, did a bird poop you?”


Other funnies:

I was gathering swimming lesson bags and paraphernalia and had more than I could carry. Mica offered, “I’ll hug your book for you.”


A new bedtime delay tactic:  “Mama, I don’t want to go home!  I want to go to Jesus’ house.”


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