End of the day post swim fatigue

Tonight Caleb, Mica, and I walked home from swimming. Both kids were tired – body and soul. Mica had a big visit to her kindergarten class for next fall, Caleb’s school had a carnival.

To avoid weariness whining we played our family’s story generation game: give me a colour, give me an animal, give me a place, give me a sound, etc.

We traveled through a wormhole to Calebtropica, rode blue horses and black and blue zebras because we were not good at going around in carts that keep you upside down.

After supper, Caleb said, “I feel like a teddy bear, all squishy and cuddly.”

For Mica’s tuck in she said, “I don’t feel like to be happy!”

So thankful for Craig’s observations years ago fatigue does not have to be depression. I didn’t have to worry about my girl!

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