Some Kind of Preaching

A friend let me know she missed the blog updates about how our girl is doing.  Mostly as Mica thrives, our lives are back at a full pace, and I have limited free time.  As well, as her language has expanded, I have chosen to keep in my Mama’s heart many of her words – the sweet personal moments and stories that fill a preschoolers childhood.

When we got home today, Mica was carrying on loudly on the deck while I was making supper.  Mikayla asked, “Mama, are you listening to her?”

Since she was shouting to the neighbourhood as the wind blew sheets and comforters from the laundry line at her, I figure this was public enough to share.

Mica’s message accentuated by grand gestures and dancing went something like this:



Be a hero!

Jesus, God, and You pay for me!

Miragolee.  (She’s been saying this word a lot; I wonder if it means miracle.  Does anyone know if it’s Creole?)


And then she would rev up for another round of the same in song or shouting.

These are not “family” words; this is her own making.


The Lord has made her powerful and strong; may her heart ever be directed toward Him.


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