Just doing what it was created to do . . .

We just returned from a family road trip; the first of its kind for my family.  One of our stops was the Grand Canyon.  While I had visited before, this was the first time for the rest of the family, and all delighted in the grandeur.  We walked the rim for several miles until the youngest began to give out, and then we carted her on our backs and then used the shuttle buses.

The quiet of the space and the quiet of those enjoying the vastness settled in on my usually chatty bunch, and there was space to reflect in the midst.  Grand Canyon is vast!August 2013 502

At some point, the Colorado River captured my attention.August 2013 303

It’s actually rather unimpressive.  It’s muddy.  But it has worked mightily on the landscape.August 2013 505


The Colorado River did not set out to make an amazing natural feature; it just did what it was created to do – flow.August 2013 468

Lord, let me just be and do what You have created me to be and do, trusting the results or impact to Your good wisdom.

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