Hermit’s Rest

Our family clocked over 10,000 kilometres in the last month.  We have seen forest fires, old growth forest.  Mountains, desert, pygmy forest, petrified forests, beach, caves.  When we drove out of the northern exit of Yosemite, we quickly descended into the desert.  We were the only people in the middle of nowhere.  Family pit stops were stress free because no one was on the road with us, and we could see for miles.  One kid asked, “Is it ok to be out here?”  The children had never been in such an alone place.


Well, the aloneness and the quiet did my heart good.  No phone, no internet, a little reading, some music listening, a lot of sleeping.  Reading through the Psalms and Jean Vainer’s Community and Growth gave my soul nourishment; sleep renewed my body. Family multiplied my joy.

August 2013 533

By the time we arrived at the Grand Canyon, and I saw the Hermit’s Rest arch, I was benefiting from quiet and restoring and wondering how to keep up a nourishing life while living my real life.  A few more steps, and the snack shop/gift shop had this plaque up.

August 2013 532


Quiet, good reading, loving people, meaningful music all restore me!



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