I’m glad you were born.

This is my family’s statement for birthdays.  Today I’m honouring the birth of a baby I rocked and held, a toddler I played with, a child I delighted in and who delighted my kids, and a teen I grieve.

In our last conversation, it was pure pleasure to hear his excitement over a pending mission trip, pride in working with his dad, kindness to my children and mother, laughter that flowed easily to everything, and expectancy in future plans.

So while I am so glad you were born, I am SO sad that you are gone.  You lived well:  laughing, loving the Lord and people, speaking truth, working hard, blessing others with words and music, extending warmth and kindness, and laughing.

Your unexpected passing leaves the tension of

tragedy and loss

hope and despair

anger and acceptance

It`s Friday, but Sunday is coming.  I hate the Saturdayness of this time where you are gone, we don`t see clearly why (1 Corinthians 13:12-13).  You are missed.  I trust you are delighting in our Father`s presence.

I am glad you were born.

I wish your death had not come so early.

I am glad you were born.

I miss you.



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