Mama, the Fire is Coming

Just  a taste of my reality tonight.  Most of my children had been piloted to their respective activities, and I was home prepping dinner.

I put the oil on the stove.

Realized I had no handy onions, so

I went to the basement to get onions.

Saw I needed to start a load of laundry which I quickly threw in.

Then I realized I needed to use the washroom.

Grabbed a book because no chance at reading should be neglected.

Was once interrupted by a child looking for me because the phone rang.

Same child returned, and as I firmly requested a few private moments,

she informed me, “But Mama, the fire is coming!”

I ran upstairs as I realized I had left oil on high.

I put her on the deck because the house was filled with smoke.

Put the pot on the deck.

Opened windows and went back to get the onions and back to cooking supper.


In my personal rendition of If You Give a Pig a Pancake, I should know by now that if you give this Mama a moment, a fire is coming.  Thankfully as well except my poor pot.


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