Happy to Be Nappy

My children have three hair colours, four different textures, and a myriad of style expectations (no style to whatever is current and fashionable) While I don’t think I am particularly vain, I grew up in the Southern US where personal presentation communicates a lot.

People “Clean up nicely,” when they refine their usual look for a special occasion.
Preschoolers are told, “Beauty must suffer.”
On a make up free day, you might be told, “Show some respect in yourself!”
If someone gains a lot of weight for unknown reasons or known health problems, people will comment, “Well, at least she has a pretty face!”

You get the drift. By preference I am a more “natural” person in the personal grooming area, but certainly my Southern upbringing influences me to this day. When our family prepared for our youngest child, I watched videos about styling curly girls hair. The Lord intersected our lives with three different women. One to care for my girl’s hair when there was almost none there. One to train me in how to care for her hair and to teach her, and another to trim and give product guidance. I have learned about hair health, styling, products, and the length of time a change in nutrition takes to impact hair (Up to three years).

Guiding principles for hairstyling have been:
She looks like a loved little girl.
She likes her own hair.
She knows her Mama loves her enough to do her hair.

Recently I was tickled to watch a video explaining all the different styles and suggesting appropriate values. The video is worth watching if you don’t know you are stepping into a political minefield. And I thought it might be time to broaden my hairotoire from our six or seven rotating styles. We also just got a library book that celebrates the freedom of so many different hair possibilities.

20131122-104448.jpgNow usually my girl describes the style she wants, and I try to comply.  This week while on a bookmark creating craze, she gave me this bookmark.


The colourful ribbons are her hair ribbon she has named her swish, and then she showed me every dot on the long hair and told me she needs that. Guess I will be learning a new skill! All these musings and I hope she’ll be well groomed but more importantly a woman of strong character.

Charm is deceptive, and beauty is fleeting;
but a woman who fears the Lord is to be praised.                   Proverbs 31:30

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