A generous heart

Ok, I am excited. I am thanking The Lord that “it worked.” I am realistic that I am still parenting children who will have selfish moments as do I, but right now I celebrate. You see when Mica came home she had trouble sharing. Once she gave her friend a hair bow, but often she had trouble sharing. Craig and I prayed and talked. We decided she had to understand ownership to truly share. We gave guidance, modelled, role played, and prayed, but we gave her freedom to not share.

Now with all of our children we want to cultivate a mindset of God’s abundant provision. When one kid was frustrated that the last piece of his birthday cake had been eaten, I made the same ice cream cake for months until he had enough. When a child hesitates to pass on a little used toy or slightly too small favourite piece of clothing, I may remind them that they can trust God to help them get what they need. But I get, personally in the last little bit, that scarcity seeps into my thinking. So what to do for a child who has experienced significant scarcity? Pray, provide, guide.

As Caleb’s birthday is coming, Mica decided she wanted to give him a present. Towards the end of supper she ran upstairs and came back with Caleb’s birthday present.


Plus a few toys that they are playing hide the piggy with.


Heart felt sharing was worth the wait. Now I understand “God loves a cheerful heart” in a whole new way.

It is a delight to see that she trusts her needs will be met, and she can open herself to sharing.

A generous person will prosper; whoever refreshes others will be refreshed.” – Proverbs 11: 24-25, NIV

Caleb came to me asking, “What do I do? Do I keep her toys?”

That’s when you know you’ve been gifted – when you aren’t even sure it’s ok to keep it.

Again he came to me just now and said, ” I don’t think I’ve ever felt this way about a gift.”

A generous heart multiplies!

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