I have heard that December is the month of charitable giving, but somehow this year I have become humorously aware. It started when my son’s report card came with a request to make the library fundraiser for the school to be our charitable giving for the season.


Then a cascade of giving opportunities fell in our path. Some dovetail with the season, some intersect with my heart, and most deserve attention. I have a worked out giving philosophy that I may delineate at another time, but the dichotomy of two asks left me bemused.

The request $100-200 for my children’s high school library upgrade or support youth attending a camp in Haiti some who have no school at this time.



But I wasn’t sure if it was just me. Then Daniel Pink tweeted this article “Making a Difference this Holiday Season”, and I was happy to see that people have actually researched and given a lot more thought to this than I have.


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