Living the truth in love

What does it look like to live the truth?

Truthing in love.

To live the truth with love.

Speaking the truth in live.

Living the Truth in Love!

I have been doing some Bible reading in Spanish. This is a forced slow down reading and a defamiliarizing of texts that I know so well that I miss the beauty or the shock value.

Yesterday I was reading a few verses in Ephesians 4, and the Spanish caused a double take, and if I’m honest a “that’s not what it says!”

Más bien, al vivir la verdad con amor, creceremos hasta ser en todo como aquel que es la cabeza, es decir, Cristo. Efesios 4:15

I grabbed an English Bible that said,

15 Rather, speaking the truth in love, we are to grow up in every way into him who is the head, into Christ,

So morning research was to try and understand the translation difference, and here is what I found:


Truthing – living the truth and speaking the truth all rolled into one.

A mundane example:

A little while ago my youngest asked, “Mama, what’s that?” As she pointed to my belly.


How did you get that?

Eating too much.

Oh. Mama, I love you.

Now the same question could have been so painful, but smothered in love, the truth is safe seeking of greater understanding.

What will living the truth in love look like with boots on today?


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