I Like Your Frustrated!

Apparently I make “funny” faces and head movements when I am frustrated.

This commentary came at bedtime when I was trying hard to be playful through my frustration.  Thought I was failing miserably, and this charming observation, “I like your frustrated!”

But the problem is I don’t like my frustrated, and I’m really frustrated about several things that seem to be legit frustrators plus a few minor irritations thrown in to the mix.  None of the biggies are going away.

An honest friend just told me, ________________ is alive and well.   I put a blank because she was talking with me about one hurtful, terrible frustration, but there are several.

I need to sit, look, and accept the fallenness of the world I live in.  Beauty, potential for more is everywhere, and I enjoy reveling in it and acknowledging the One who created it. But I need to learn how to live in the already and not yetness of today.

In my anger I don’t want to sin.  I need grace for myself.  Maybe I should go look in the mirror when I’m particularly irked and see what the child saw tonight and laugh.

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