Where do storms live?

At the end of the day I am brain tired. Here is a sampling of some of my kids questions. Typically I start the day with playful, imaginative answers, and then I finish the day with “I don’t know!” The different personalities in our home respond differently to creative responses – irritation, delight, further questioning.

Where do storms live? So they live in the water?

Why don’t the trees fall down?

Do butterflies poop?

Why can’t bears come in the car?

Where do bears live?

I want to invent a hologram. Detailed explanation . . .

How do you get the nickname Dick from Richard?

Is the earth in the sun?

To a friend who is quite pregnant, “Where’s the baby’s blanket?”

I want to know how use riding a bike to create more energy.

Why do you want those lots of babies in your uterus?

Why did Jesus want to die?

Why are there whales on that building?

Where is heaven?

Are their soldiers at the camp?

Please feel free to help answer any of these.



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