MLK, nonviolence and family life

My morning started with a laugh.

My devotional reading incorporated a quote from Dr. King in remembrance of his assassination day.   Now I’m not in the habit of laughing at people’s death, especially not at such a horrific life-taking, but the powerful quote brought back a memory of the last time I visited the Martin Luther King Jr. Center for Social Change in Atlanta, Georgia.

We took our children to inspire them to live thoughtfully and justly and to teach a bit of history in the process.  Well, before we could even get in the building reality, instead of the exalted moment I envisioned, set in.

Craig gathered the children in front of a statue of Gandhi for a quick photo; I was a bit ahead, and when I turned around, I saw an older man just laughing.  As the youngest repeatedly exclaimed, “He pinched me!  HE PINCHED ME!” Actually he was reached for because he was not still enough for the photo, but the reach became a pinch.



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