I like bold colour.  I like loyalty.  And so flags capture my attention.  While we waited for Mica’s homecoming, my older daughter visited the United Nations with grandparents, and she got a Haitian flag for Mica’s room.  Our family came to love the Haitian flag as an extension of our love for our child.

Which brings me to today, Haitian Flag Day.  My daughter and I viewed videos of the parades in Haiti.  We talked about Haiti’s proud history.

Haitian flag

And then I thought about how this child has expanded my understanding of history, of people’s struggle for independence, of loyalty to one’s country, and of the impact of each choice.

She spent the day chasing older siblings activities, and then attended a gymnastics birthday party.  In many ways it was normal parenting, Mama tell me this story, Mama, when is it time to go to the birthday party, when is it . . . Finally it was actually time.  As she was delighting in a rope swing, I pondered what her day would have looked like in her birth village, in her orphanage, and now here.

Life’s journey has so many choices, and I can’t always see the trajectory of each of those choices.  Figure I’m not meant to see it all; walking by faith is just that.  But in a funny way, Haitian Flag Day and Carnival have become road markers for me.  I had no awareness of Haitian Flag Day until Mica entered our lives, and I can see how she has enriched our lives so much.  Haitian Flag Day marks for a nation the human struggle for independence, respect, unity, and brotherhood, and for me it marks the beautiful ways life can change, grow, expand and the surprising ways a heart can endure, hope, imagine, and love.


“Set up road markers for yourself;
    make yourself guideposts;
consider well the highway,
    the road by which you went.
Return, O virgin Israel,
    return to these your cities.  Jeremiah 31:21

Happy Haitian Flag Day!




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