We are on “stripe.”

After a long, ongoing struggle with our provincial government, teachers have been on strike, then locked out, and escalating withdrawal of surfaces. As this all unfolds, I have wondered what latent learnings my children are taking from the extra day a week off from school, from the constant adult chatting about it, and from the inability of adults to collaborate to problem solving.

Certainly my older children were aware and profoundly concerned that there teachers were locked out at lunch and left school property to eat lunch in the rain. But then it is complicated when a close friend in a nearby school district doesn’t have to leave school grounds on her lunch.

My younger children have been more aware of days off from school and lost field trip, but the comments are largely around personal impact until this morning.

Mama, can we have pancakes?
No, I’m making something else.
Well, if there are some in the frig. I’m not cooking another breakfast.
Pause. Look me in the eye, and stated firmly, “We are on stripe.”

Yep, this morning I was on pancake stripe.

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