Why I love kids recitals

Today I arrived at a piano recital slightly concerned at the long list of performers.  I had a next engagement to make.  My husband reminded me that most of the songs would be brief. The momentary concern reminded me that I used to so NOT look forward to recitals, but here’s why I enjoy them now:

1.  Kids display such self-satisfaction and joy at simply making it through “Mary Had a Little Lamb.”  I want that delight!

2.  Cheering sections for these kids encourage me about my own cheerleaders and remind me to cheer for others.

3.  Free 45 minutes of unpredictable, life music:  unusual arrangements of familiars and brilliant unknowns.

4.  A good bow enhances much. I need to be reminded of this as I have few opportunities to bow.

5.  Facing and overcoming messing ups – watching resilience develop in real time.

6. A time to sit quietly and just live

7. A point in the year to note progress

8. Observing personality manifested through music

9. Vision casting through experience. ( The youngers can hunger for the fruit of those ahead – I want to dance, play, act like that some day.)

10. The humility that emerges as a kid gets a certain level of proficiency and realizes how much further to excel


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