A few weeks ago Mica studied a photo of her bio cousin graduating from kindergarten, cap and gown, the whole works. She asked when do I do that, and I said I don’t know that you are. Her siblings have not had a ceremony.

Well, her teacher stepped up to the plate this week in meaningful ways. While teachers were locked out and striking, so less time to clean, prep the end of the year, her teacher found a way to create a moment and speak words of blessing over each child.

Parents were invited for the last hour of school, and the children created crowns, parents brought healthy snacks, and the teacher gave each child a certificate, and then she spoke individualized words to each child. Words that create space for growth and life. The teAcher noticed specific behaviours and affirmed.

Madame noticed that my girl was open and willing to play with anyone. May her heart stay open and kind, loved by God, loved by us and able to extend that love to others! What a blessing finish to a year that wasn’t all easy.

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