Little Children, Love One Another

20140712-192753-70073557.jpgI have been reading the Gospel of John looking for how Jesus lived and seeing how can I copy Him in my today. So when the book I am reading, Streams of Living Water by Richard Foster, talked about the Apostle John in old age, my attention was primed. Jerome wrote,

“the blessed evangelist John, when he delayed at Ephesus up to the highest old age and could scarcely be carried to church in the hands of disciples and was not able to put together a statement of several words, used to offer in different sayings nothing but: ‘Little children, love one another.’ At last the disciples and brethren who were present, tired of the fact that they always heard the same thing, said, ‘Teacher, why do you always say this?’ John made a worthy response: ‘because it was the Lord’s precept, and if it alone is done, it is enough.'”

Today, I witnessed a lot of love, and it leaves me inspired to listen to the Spirit and to pray and to seek ways to love well. Today my teens and friends held a bake sale to raise money for a children and youth camp our friend Jean helps run in August of each year. Their love for their sister and related love for Haiti inspires me to love well and broadly. Their love for other kids to have opportunities they have moves me to create opportunities for others too. The friends who came by, stayed the day, baked, donated all remind me to love loyally, generously. The store clerk next door who came out to find out what was going on and was so moved he said he would be sending people to the kids for dessert motivates me to love strangers and to be moved in the moment. 20140712-193932-70772515.jpg Jean And Terri Lubins choices to love the people of his country, to give up weeks of holiday and to travel at great personal expense calls me to love sacrificially. 20140712-193905-70745932.jpg And the people of Miragoane who in their poverty chose to take in over 50 kids who after the earthquake in Haiti in 2010 had no one and nowhere. Kids who walked and walked looking for someone to care for them finally found someone to love and provide. This community inspires me to love abundantly, extremely. 20140712-194922-71362684.jpg 20140712-194923-71363375.jpg 20140712-194921-71361932.jpg

Little children, love one another . . . . It is enough. I want to love in action, to love strangers, to love in the moment, to love well, broadly, loyally, generously, sacrificially, abundantly, extremely

In case you are interested in the Haiti project: From Jean and Terri: We hope each of you are well and are enjoying the summer of 2014! We apologize for forgetting to use BCC last time we sent out news about this project for children and youth in Miragoane. Also, please let us know if you prefer not to receive these up-dates and we will take you off the list! Lots has happened since we last wrote ages ago. ‘Espwa Ak Kris’, the organization Jean started for this project, is now a registered Non-Government Organization (NGO) in Haiti! The first Youth Retreat was successfully held in Les Cayes, on the southwest coast of Haiti, at the beginning of March this year. 127 youth from Miragoane attended along with a smaller group from Jacmel (where Jean is from). They enjoyed sports (soccer, skipping rope, basketball), cultural games, singing, an intellectual competition and other activities. Some of Jean’s immediate family joined us at the retreat (his sister and sister-in-law helped cook!), it was a blessing to spend that time with them Here is the link to the blog about this retreat to see photos and to read a bit more detail: Many thanks again for the donations we received to make this event possible! The Goat Project has received donations to provide goats to 24 orphans so far! We gifted 21 orphans each a goat during our visit to Haiti at the beginning of March this year then sent out photos with a short write up about each orphan to the goat donors. Jean will provide 3 more orphans a goat when he is in Haiti next month. Here is the link to the up-date about the goat project with a few pictures: Preparations have begun for the third Soccer Camp next month (August)! About 500 participants, 300 children and 200 youth, are expected to attend. Five communities within Miragoane will participate during the three weeks of the camp. Each week a five day soccer camp for all ages will be held in one or two communities. Like other years, in addition to the soccer for boys and girls there will be other activities such as skipping rope for girls, crafts, singing, stories and skits, health and sex education, education on how to be environmentally responsible. We hope to have enough funds to provide a healthy meal everyday or at least three meals per week. Just $20 will enable a kid or teen attend a week of soccer camp and help provide meals. If you are interested in making an on-line donation for this year’s camp, go to here. Also, a summary of the overall project and it’s history is finally on the Rose Charities website. If God places us in your thoughts, please pray for the soccer camp this August and for Jean’s safe travels (thank you!). Blessings to you all, Jean, Terri & Allyssa Lubin


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