We mightcouldbe a weird family

We just left the Superstore, sometimes called the stuporstore in our family.  Craig kissed me as we left, so all ended well to our grocery date night with the self-invited, aisle dancing, skipping, LOUD child in tow.  I left laughing, and Craig asked why.  I pointed out that after twenty years, we’ve grown in how we treat one another, but that our core Superstore issues remain.craig and micatHe wanted a bit more, so I reminded him after our first joint trip to the Superstore we were both almost in tears.  It was abundantly apparent that grocery shopping in Canada needed to be a separate affair.  Now we can go together, but still Craig wants a quiet, focused, only get it if its on the list outing.  I can so get the job done, but we’re on holiday, so I can also discuss, “Hey do you want to try . . . ”  or “Do you remember when we cooked chili with Indian chili instead of Mexican chili . . . ”  Let’s have fun.


I left laughing because we’re still the same people, and I probably had too much Mary Poppins as a child.  You know, “a spoon full of sugar . . . ” Craig believes my laughter is a release for the Superstore induced stress.

I like going places with him!



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