To begin with, you have to grasp the fact that Christian virtue isn’t about you – your happiness, your fulfillment, your self-realization.  It’s about God and God’s kingdom, and your discovery of a genuine human existence by the paradoxical route – the route God himself took in Jesus Christ! – of giving yourself away, of generous love which constantly refuses to take center stage.  Aristotle’s vision of the virtuous person always tended to be that of the “hero,” the moral giant striding through the world doing great deeds and gaining applause.  The Christian vision of the virtuous person characteristically highlights someone whose loving, generous character wouldn’t normally draw attention to itself.  The glory of virtue, in the Christian sense, is that the self is not in the center of that picture.  God and God’s kingdom are in the center.  As Jesus himself said, we are to seek first God’s kingdom and his justice (we’ll say more about the word “justice” later on), and then everything else will fall into place.

N. T. Wright in After You Believe, p. 70

Nothing to add, except I am moved.


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