Reduce, reuse, recycle, or inquire

We are purging this summer. Stuff decisions have been postponed for a myriad of reasons, but no longer.

As I was helping, I realized I live in the midst of one man’s junk is another treasure. The kid had purchased a noise making helmet with his own money at a thrift store. When the helmet no longer fit, it was still cool for the noise, and then it had to be taken apart. Ok, I looked at all of the pieces and requested recycling. “My guy, I think you’ve gotten all you can out of this. May I recycle?”

Well I was wrong.

Screws, springs, all the metal needs to go in this container, and then, ok.

When I was growing up, if it broke, you put “it” in the garbage. Well not so much at my house. If it breaks, you take it apart to learn how it works, why it broke. Can you repair it? Could any parts be used? How do the parts interact? Could I build this?

So very interesting to watch, and so very cluttering to reduce, reuse, recycle, or inquire.


Do you know what this is?


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