Perfectionism confronted by hair

As I was growing up, my mother worked as a preschool teacher, and she was given the young three class. Basically children who would turn three during the school year came a couple of mornings a week if they were toilet trained. The beginning of the year my mother came home with the explanations of less than honest mothers, “Well, s/he is toilet trained except s/he needs a little help with wiping.” Wiping is a part of toilet training. “Yes, but s/he doesn’t do it well, and then s/he is messy and dirty.”

And here is the line that explains why I’m sharing such crude details, “You have to wipe poorly before you wipe well!”

My kids know they are going to hear this if they start fretting over not being perfect. And this weekend these words got me started on a daunting task once again. You see my youngest has asked for extensions in her hair. My first attempt resulted in three extensions in her hair poorly after three hours, and a redirect of the goal.

Now I have been watching videos and reading hair blogs for years, but nothing was clicking in the application. I have made notes, watch frame by frame as I tried to implement, but my application left something to be desired. Over the summer break I decided I would have enough time to try again, so I did. After four braids, it was bedtime. I had muttered my way through these 4 with, “You’ve got to wipe poorly before you wipe well.”

Come morning I decided to take the four out and start again, I had gone to bed watching videos hoping the how to would work out in my brain while I slept. Entire family helping: cutting, entertaining, collecting, feeding. Three movies and innumerable, “You’ve got to wipe poorlies . . .” later, here’s what we have:


Now I can list several problems, things I will do differently, but there’s also satisfaction in doing it. The style meets my hair guiding principles, and she is delighted.

Online teachers:
GirlsLoveYourCurls on You Tube
Linda Sheppard.
How to black hair by Breanna Rutter

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