Why fried green tomatoes make me happy.


Tonight we had fried green tomatoes for supper. It made me happy because this meal
1. Tells me I’m Southern.
2. Makes good use of the end of the season unripened produce from our garden.
3. Tastes yummy and has a satisfying texture.
4. Gives opportunity to use a Blue Willow dish in a most authentically Southern way.
5. Satisfied bellies when we discovered I had accidentally quadrupled the chipotle in the accompanying soup. (Washing the soups, adding water, nothing worked!)
6. In all it’s Southerness became a blend of my worlds with Chana flour that made the fried green tomatoes pakoraesque.
7. Leaves me with better than normal toppings to my salad for lunch tomorrow.
8. Gives my young’ uns a Southern experience.


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