Urban Bedroom


Yesterday I was waiting for a friend, and I was delighting in the sun, warmth, dryness. The awkwardness was that I was waiting in someone’s bedroom. He had a huge blue coat opened up to the heating exhaust from the building on the left. If I walked, leaves crunched.


Because the street was so quiet, only the sleeper and I shared the space. While wondering how he found himself a street sleeper, he seemed resourceful enough to be well adapted to his urban “bedroom.” After quickly snapping the picture, I decided to leave him to his rest and to wait in a less intimate spot. Watching my children sleep is precious, waiting by a sleeping adult on the street felt violating.

Sidewalk and bedroom.
Shadows and light.
Old and new.
Peculiar mixtures of style.
Intimacy and distance.
Concern and Compassion.
Waiting and oblivious.
Sidewalk and bedroom.

Unknown man I am still thinking and praying for you. Our moment, unknown/unexperienced by you, gave me a lot to think about in the many paradoxes of human interaction.

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