. . . But We Rock Real!

Today’s my anniversary. 23 years.

I love my life, love my man. I’m thankful for the oneness and for the differences.

And I’ve just figured out that we rock at real life. The reason I’m thinking about it is the gap between planned and unfolded life. We had planned for a day away – hiking, eating, talking, praying, reading, resting, connecting, and we did this, sort of, but a gut bug shortened and altered the day.

I remembered other anniversaries some good, some rough, many funny. But today was fun. Lunch, park, chatting, iced tea. His company delights me, but there was a time I would have been disappointed and frustrated by being tethered to a washroom. I would have missed the blessing of what is because reality didn’t match the plans. Now I’m learning to enjoy what is and figure out what of the plans are important to schedule for later.

In the last 23 years in addition to typical relationship ups and downs, we have survived pain. And it seems by accepting life’s pain, we are thriving.

We rock real life!

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