Who do I serve?

Sometimes I get tired of household maintenance, of helping others, even those I love the most.

Sometimes I do the right things for mixed reasons.

Sometimes I lose sight of who I serve.

Today as I was reading the first chapter of James, the first verse stopped me in my tracks. The first verses of letters are those that say who is writing to whom, and typically, they do not grab my attention, touch my heart, or require much processing. Today these words have captured me:

James, a servant of God and of the Lord Jesus Christ,

To the twelve tribes in the Dispersion:


James 1:1

James served Christ, God when he taught, connected, acted on behalf of others.

So I could list what makes me tired, attitudes that irk me and make me feel MUCH LESS helpful, but when I remember it’s not the one before me but the ONE who loves me most, best that I serve when I serve others, I want to serve joyfully.

Today there’s much pain in human hearts, in the news, and I wonder if remembering WHO we serve can help us sit with the pain of others. I pray it can increase my capacity for moving towards serving Jesus as I serve others who need His presence.


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